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First things first….. Is this the painful nasal swab test?

No! We love our patients! Our swab is a soft spongy tip that is placed in the middle part of the nose for 5 seconds, once…. That is it!

Why test?

Your employees are in a moderate to high risk industry due to your contact with the public. With potential exposure to Coronavirus, it is important to have a plan to have your employees tested for the virus. This will help create the safe environment you have committed to provide your clients and employees.

Why Mobile Med Test?

Mobile Med Test offers a convenient mobile option for collecting the specimens at your site and expediting them for processing at the lab and reporting the results back to you, the Employer.

As a business, you will find this convenient service worth the cost as it can scheduled and performed on site without each employee having to be responsible for arranging, going to and reporting the outcome of their lab evaluation.

Mobile Med Test offers an online portal where you can view the results and confirm the employee has been tested to be virus free.

What services does Mobile Med Test offer?

A trained and licensed practitioner to come to your site to discreetly collect the tests and arrange for rapid lab delivery and processing. There is a patient portal where results can be reviewed by patients, employees, or administrators as appropriate.

Our Physician Assistant will follow up on all positive results with the patient and administrator to make recommendations regarding isolation, quarantine, additional testing that may be needed and coordinate safe return to work as needed.

Mobile Med Test will also arrange to screen close contacts of your exposed employees at the discounted rate to help with contact tracing and identify additional points where we can help prevent spread.

We also offer Flu shots and tests during Flu season.

What is the cost of Covid-19 testing?

For patients with symptoms or employees with a known or suspected exposure all we need is an active Insurance card or a Government issued ID such as a Driver’s License or Passport (if uninsured).

You will only pay the Mobile Convenience Fee, which is determined by number of tests and your location.

What is the difference between the rapid Covid test and the one provided by Mobile Med Test?

Rapid antigen tests do NOT take the time to amplify the virus in a specimen, therefore it can miss 20% more infections than the PCR test we provide.

This can provide a false NEGATIVE result and miss the diagnosis of Covid infection.

What is the difference between the Swab test and the Antibody test?

The nose swab will check to see if you currently have the Coronavirus in you. This is important because those who have it can spread it!

The Antibody test can tell if your immune system has reacted to the virus. This is a good sign your body has seen and successfully fought the virus.

I keep hearing the terms Sensitivity and Specificity, what gives?

Sensitivity means how reliable is the POSITIVE result. If the test has a high Sensitivity and comes back positive, you can pretty much guarantee you have it. But there can be false negatives, meaning you miss cases.

Specificity means how reliable is the NEGATIVE result. If the test has a high Specificity and comes back negative, it is more likely you do not have the virus. Our PCR test is found to have a >99% Specificity, meaning it’s not likely to miss an infection.

Rapid tests are good at finding Coronavirus, but they are also 20% better at MISSING it than the PCR test we offer.